Buddy Mercer – 46 years with Jim’s Music

As a professional musician over the last 45 years I have been buying my gear and instruments from Jim’s Music, since my first “real Guitar and Banjo” in 69. My first tour was with my Father, Sister, her Husband and our first drummer Nick Vincent, whose Dad was our Agent…Bob Vincent (Bobby Vincent – “You Call Everybody Darling”record). At that time Bob was working with Jim Bozio setting up Vocal System purchases for Holiday Inn’s nation-wide. The Shure VocalMaster System was the first nightclub application for traveling musicians at the time, and with Bob being the middle-man for Jim, they had created a great relationship for the store. Because Bob’s son Nick Vincent was my drummer, Bob introduced Me and my Father Bud Mercer to Jim as we were “gearing up” for our first real national tour.
I got a 1969 Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty – Fretless Wonder” and a Gibson TB-250 Mastertone Tenor Banjo, Dad got a Gibson EBO Electric Bass and of course…a Shure VocalMaster PA for the smaller venues (see pic year I acquired yet another of many guitar rigs from Jim’s which included a special introduction run of G&L’s Classic “S” Alnico (one of 50 made), a Fender Deluxe Reverb re-issue amp (silver face), some Audix mic’s, effects pedals AND a Taylor GS Mini “KOA” Acoustic. I had the guitar Tech install an L.R. Baggs Anthem Tru-mic System, and with all the great personalized assistance I walked out with a whole new sound to match my newest endeavors and sonic direction!!
I have had an exceptionally long term relationship with Rick and his staff of resident associates as well as the Founding Owner, Jim himself. And being a veteran musician of many years, I can truly say that my journey was much easier having a personal connection with what has been and continues to be the Best Music Store in the Nation!
Jim’s is still my store to come home to…, Thanks for the memories and continued support.
Buddy Mercer

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