Identifying Fake Band Instruments

Identifying Band Fake Instruments

by: Luke Armstrong, Band and Orchestral Instruments Specialist

Step 1: when coming across a possible fake instrument, search for the manufacturer’s website and inspect the various instrument specifications and pictures provided. Take some notes.
Step 2 Identify Common Errors:  Company logos will sometimes be incorrect on fake instruments, and we have seen instances of professional instruments being featured with incorrect engraving and/or finishes that are not actually in production lines for said models. Stamped vs. printed serial numbers are an easy one to spot.
Step 3: forward the link on to Jim’s band & orchestral specialists and we can verify if it’s “too good to be true”Click here to contact us
Fake Saxophone.jpg
WHY/HOW do people do this?
My repair experience has shown me this….as manufacturing has been improving over the last 20 years globally, opportunists have sprung up that can have professional instruments copied to an impressive visual equivalent. The case, the engraving, the finishes ALL look like the real deal when propped and pictured, but the actual play-ability and composition of these fakes is apparent upon visual inspection & play test on my repair bench. Ebay or whoever is listing the fake item gets their listing fees, the shipping companies collect their cut both ways, as does the credit card company who sits in the middle of the whole exchange with that money floating back and forth between customer and ebay as things get resolved. The complexity behind the profits, the wasted time the customer experiences could have been all alleviated if they had supported their local music shop. We want to keep people playing and happy….. everyone online trying to sell that copy is just there for a buck.

Luke Armstrong.jpg

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